Channel 65

18 September 2014 – On Press Preview Day at the PSP Southampton Boat Show, Friday 12 September, Alan Richards, Chairman of NCI took delivery of a new radio from Bob Stockley, Managing Director of Icom UK Ltd.

It was the first of a consignment of radios, pre-configured to NCI’s own maritime VHF frequency, Channel 65, which will enable NCI to keep seafarers up to date with current weather conditions, provide them with local information and to provide them with radio checks when required.

ALan Richards commented: “The use of a dedicated VHF channel is is a significant and welcome step forward for NCI and we are delighted to be using ICOM’s world class products for this purpose.”

Handing over the radio, Bob Stockley said: “We are very proud that NCI has chosen ICOM equipment to provide vital communication for its lookouts on the newly allocated Channel 65. NCI joins a global community of SAR organisations which depend on ICOM for communication in often challenging and unpredictable conditions”.

Andrew Walkling and Bryan Young from NCI Calshot Tower and Mike Smith (Deputy PR Officer) are also pictured.

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BBC ‘Coast’ at the Tower

A team from BBC ‘Coast’ spent 5 hours on a very hot day shooting from the Tower and on the beach for a feature to be shown next spring. Presenter Dick Strawbridge was involved in ‘spotting and reporting’ unusual camoflage!20140731-071039-25839216.jpg 20140731-071039-25839515.jpg 20140731-071039-25839808.jpg Dazzled

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Port to port…hopefully!


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Balloonwatch and HOOK widening


Balloon-mounted camera deployed for oil spillage surveillance close to Tower and Castle at Calshot.

… and Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger WILLEM VAN ORANJE busy dredging in the HOOK Widening Area.



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Yacht “Shemara”

Built 1938. Undergoing sea trials near the Tower.
Who remembers the original owners and their gold plated Daimler?
Yes, the Dockers! Lots of front page news in the Forties and Fifties.

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Ocean racer ARTEMIS dismasted

Anne Ryan was the ‘looker’ when the incident started … and was still looking 1hr20 later when the ARTEMIS OCEAN RACING left her vision west of GREENLAND buoy heading up Southampton Water.

The incident was reported to Solent Coastguard after the dismasting in the main channel between CASTLE POINT and CALSHOT buoys.  Solent Coast Guard requested Calshot Tower NCI to maintain observation and report.  The incident ended as ARTEMIS made her way up Southampton Waters under her own power, accompanied by two ribs, and with the mast and mainsail dragging astern.  Yacht and crew self recovered to safety.

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Dipping the Ensign

  1. A salute to SS Shieldhall Senior Watchkeeper Peter Cookson in charge!photo 3 photo 4
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Southhampton Approach Channel Dredge 2014

Programme Update No 5: the Southampton Approach Channel Dredge (SACD) continues in Southampton Water south of Netley Shoal and in the Thorn Channel.

Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger WILLEM VAN ORANJE (below ‘in at Calshot Reach’)continues to work in the Docks area as far south as Dock Head and also in Southampton Water between Netley Shoal and Fawley.

Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger CORNELIS ZANEN (below ‘out at Calshot Reach’) continues to dredge in Southampton Water in the Hook to North Channel entrance area, and in the Thorn Channel.

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Spring at the Lifeboat Station

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Sun about to shine on the righteous? At Calshot NCI, by permission of Ian Davis


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