J Class yachts in the Solent

This afternoon ‘Ranger’ decided to visit Coastwatch at NCI Calshot Tower! She then changed her mind!image image image image image image

Note, Velsheda in the background, going straight home to Ocean Village, winner two days in a row!

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Calshot Spit Light Float.

15 July 2015.

Osborne Hse IOW-20150715-2 The new Light Float on tow to the Spit.

Osborne Hse IOW-20150715-10 The temporary lateral already removed.

Osborne Hse IOW-20150715-41 New Light Float in position.

Geoff Barker.

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‘Honest Sir, I was only checking Bramblenet close up!’

Aground 2 15-06-03_9854Just another incident on PB’s watch

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DFS Successful assessment once more, the morning team! looking forward!



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Cunards three Queens, as seen from NCI Calshot Tower


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Marine Accident Investigation Branch

Ever heard of it?  A Government Agency who’s role is to  contribute to safety at sea by determining the causes and circumstances of marine accidents and, working with others, to reduce the likelihood of such causes and circumstances recurring in the future.

Our watchkeeper, Sandy Beard, found this nugget and passed it on to our Training Officer, Peter Brown.  Peter (in his wisdom) thought it would be a good idea to share this with the world at large.

Analyses of accidents involving vessels from the merchant, fishing and recreational sectors – volume one, 2015

Happy reading – Thank you Sandy and Peter

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You will almost certainly have read about the incident off the Esso Jetty at Fawley in Southampton Water that occurred on Monday evening.   If not, here is a BBC News report:


Our Chairman and Station Manager, Colin Lewis writes:

All at Calshot Tower NCI would like to congratulate our SAR colleagues at RNLI Calshot, on the response and success of the emergency involving Tug Asterix, and in particular the as yet ‘unknown’ ex lifeboat crewman who dived in with a hammer to rescue his friend. Well done all!

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Access to Tower

Owing to a Health and Safety issue concerning flights 2 and 3 of the Tower stairway, watchkeepers are advised to use the alternative access to the Tower until at least Mid Day today. Further information will be available later!

Don't try this at home.

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USS Theodore Roosevelt

Peter Cookson took these pictures whilst sailing in the Solent.  AMAZING!

She was moored off Stokes Bay because she is too big to dock at Portsmouth Royal Naval Base.  According to the BBC she has 4.5 acres of deck and 5,000 crew who will have added £1.5m to the local economy during her stay.

Ac 1 Ac2 AC3 AC4 AC5 AC6 AC7

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Lecture by Deputy Harbour Master

Ray Blair, Deputy Harbour Master for the Port of Southampton gave an excellent lecture yesterday evening detailing the infrastructure of the port and  presented some staggering statistics of how much cargo and people pass through the port every year. 

Over 40 members of NCI Calshot attended the briefing bolstered  by watch keepers from NCI Lee on Solent and an HM Coastguard  delegation from the new National Maritime Operations Centre (NMOC).



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