Hanger-cam October 1st

What a morning to view the new camera and monitor in action! Well done especially Phil…..

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Bramble Bank Cricket Match

Yesterday’s 1600-2000 hours watch was particularly interesting up Calshot Tower.  I have to admit that I had not put two and two together to realise that a Spring Tide of 5 metres high and half a metre low at the Equinox would cause a very English event to occur.

Our role is to keep an eye out for vulnerable craft and shoreline users in an area of heavy activity, especially in areas of risk such as the multitude of patches of sea that look safe, but in fact dry out at low tide.  One of these areas is the Bramble Bank.  Slap in the middle of the Solent, the Bramble Bank is bordered to the south by the main shipping channel which enters a ‘Precautionary Area’ at Prince Consort North Cardinal in a westerly direction and then veers Northeast up the Thorn Channel.  Anyone trying to cut this corner is in danger of grinding to a halt on the bank.

The first indication that yesterday was not going to be a typical shift was when we saw the Steamship Shieldhall who had earlier passed us to our traditional dipping of our flag and toot back was taking a route from west to east just to the north of the Bramble Bank.  At 1730 hours we started to monitor motor cruisers, yachts, ribs etc amassing at Bramble Bank.  Low tide was due at around 1830 hours.  The penny dropped – aha! THE CRICKET MATCH.  This annual event is not always successfully played with the ‘pitch’ not appearing at low tide and the players paddling in several inches of water.  It brings new meaning to a sporting event being a wash-out.  This year turned out to be a success with enough of the bank becoming exposed for half an hour for the match to be played.

From Calshot Tower, Bramble Bank is almost 2 nautical miles away.  This is a view taken on my phone:


You can see from this photo how low the tide was and how much of Calshot Spit was exposed (another corner not to be cut!).  The cricket match was in progress at this point.  Can you see it?  Probably not – look up from the apex of the near end of the hanger (Activity Centre) and you might espy a smudge in the water.

This photo was taken through the lens of our monoscope:


There they are!

We saw many craft making their way to the match.  Plenty of lifeboats were in attendance ‘just in case’.  At one point a large container ship went close by, threatening to swamp the match with its wash.  We had also been monitoring some kayaks paddling down from north of the Fawley Jetty and were making their way to Bramble Bank across the main channel.  We kept an eye on them and then decided that, since it would be dusk by the time they would be making their way back, we should let someone know of the vulnerability.  We called the Coastguard (on a non-urgent line) and suggested they let Calshot Lifeboat (who were already at the event) know of the presence of the kayaks.  This the Coastguard did.

By the end of our shift, the match was over, the pitch was once again under water and the kayakers had made it back across the main channel and were working their way along the shoreline at Calshot Spit.

Another enjoyable and productive day ‘at the office’!

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Day 1 – Southampton Boat Show

A busy first day on the NCI stand Southampton Boat Show with a surprise visit by NCI National Chairman Lesley Suddes!

Left to right:
Tim Colquhoun (National PR/Corporate Communications Officer)
Ken Burton (Watchkeeper – NCI Calshot)
Mike Smith (National Office Manager)
Caroline Hildrew (watchkeeper – NCI Gosport)
Lesley Suddes (National Chairman)
Chris Lloyd-Smith (Watchkeeper – NCI Calshot)
Deirdre Blore – (Trainee Watchkeeper – NCI Calshot)

Hiding behind the camera – Phil Bridges (Watchkeeper – NCI Calshot)

The show runs 16-25th September, You’ll find us at stand J041 in the Ocean Hall, why not pop along and enter our free draw with a chance to spend £500 with the good people of Force 4 chandlery .



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Ordnance Survey Clubs show’n’tell

linz02 To help promote local clubs affiliated with Ordnance Survey the company invited their representatives to a show’n’tell lunchtime session on the balcony today.  OS has been one of the key organisations who have helped Calshot NCI over the past few years by offering the use of training rooms out of hours at no cost.

Pictured here is IT administrator Lindsey Kennedy chatting to Watchkeepers Peter Brown and Stan Taylor with a view to coming along to the tower one day find to out more volunteering opportunities in her spare time!

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Hamble Sea Safety day…

hamble day.jpg

Calshot watchkeepers Ian Davis and Peter Taylor meet Jason Scott, Harbour Master at the Hamble Harbour Sea Safety Day. 

You could be forgiven for thinking NCI had started selling Pebbles, it was a just a very windy day!

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Sea Safety Day – 3rd September

Calshot Watchkeepers Peter Taylor and Ian Davis will be manning the Calshot NCI stand at the Sea Safety Day at Warsash, organised by the Hamble River Harbour Master on Saturday 3rd September from 1000-1400.

The event will feature other safety organisations both ashore and afloat. The flare disposal team will also be in attendance to collect any out of date flares for disposal.

safety day.png

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Sunday Morning at Calshot

A few photos taken from the tower of both the Calshot Atlantic 85 and the D Class assisting an injured yachtsman on Sunday morning.

(Photos by Watchkeeper Peter Taylor)


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Landline fixed

Comms Update:

We’re pleased to say BT have now repaired the landline in the tower.


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Landline fault at tower today


Please be advised as of 08:00 July 23rd the landline is down at the tower and has been reported as a fault. If you need to contact the tower please use 07763 645433 until further notice

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Exercise with both Calshot Lifeboats today

Both boats ready for launch.

RNLI Calshot working with us this morning on a search and rescue exercise.

rnli exercise

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